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Tips when taking a taxi Charleroi Brussels,Belgium

If you are going to visit Airport in Charleroi, Belgium and you are thinking about your transportation options then sit back and enjoy the reading. We are going to give you some insider tips and advice that will make your life easier if you are planning to use a taxi Charleroi Brussels in this wonderful corner of Belgium that is called Brussels City Shuttle.

You are about to visit the city for a short holiday, a romantic trip or maybe a business meeting, the first thing you have to do is to get from the airport to your hotel. The first thing you need to know is that the official taxis in Airport in Charleroi, Belgium are painted blue and white (each city in Belgium has its own colors). Usually, at the airport, there is a waiting line of taxis located at the exit of the arrivals terminal, just grab one and you are ready to go. The only thing you need to have in mind is that according to a new law the fare from the airport to anywhere in the city has a fixed price, which at the time we are writing this article is 25 during the day no matter how many people or luggage there might be.

When you need to get a taxi inside the center of Thessaloniki city the only thing you have to do is to go on the sidewalk and just make a signal to one on the street or just head to a taxi waiting for a place. Some of the most common taxi places are Brussels City Shuttle. All of them are located in the center of the city and pretty close to each other so you are not going to miss them. Usually, during rush hours it is a bit tricky to find a taxi but on normal occasions, you are not going to face any problems finding one.

If you do not want to wait on the street or prefer to have a taxi waiting for you then you can call a Radio Taxi (yes I know it sounds a lite strange but this is how taxis that can be ordered by phone are called in Belgium ). The taxi will be there on time and you will get to your destination easily.

In any case, if you think that you have complaints about a specific driver or any question about taxis in Brussels City Shuttle during your stay or when using a taxi then you can call at the Taxi Association of Brussels City Shuttle and they will help you however they can, We really hope you found this article useful and wish you a pleasant stay in Brussels City Shuttle.